Soxxy Air Stylish Travel Compression Socks + Discount

Socks are a fairly mandatory part of a wardrobe. ESPECIALLY if you're traveling (gotta keep your calves warm, and compression socks are a must to keep the blood flowing with all that pressure/elevation change happening, plus they reduce jet lag & swelling).

The problem is, compression socks at the store tend to be 'old man' style. And so folks avoid wearing them (myself included).
So I was happily surprised to run across SoxxyAir, a woman-owned new venture that provides stylish, colorful compression socks AND donates the proceeds to charity. Win win!

SoxxyAir socks can be worn with heels (like a stocking), as well as shoes. They work for travelers, for runners, and for those of us whose jobs require being on our feet constantly. They come in several designs that match the 5 charities who will benefit from the proceeds of sales (Michael Stabile Memorial Scholarship Fund, Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation, Kristen Ann Carr Foundation, Bob Woodruff Foundation, & WhyHunger).

Each sock costs $25, $8 of which goes to the charity associated with that sock.

Considering how long these high-quality socks will last, that's not a bad price! Right now the focus is on spreading the word about their IndieGoGo campaign, in the hopes that SoxxyAir can raise enough money to make this charitable, but practical, venture succeed.

If you're interested in learning more, you can check out SoxxyAir's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages.

AND just for my amazeballs readers, SoxxyAir is offering 20% off your purchase (socks to be sent in April, when they're available). Just use the coupon code SoxxyAirs

(This post powered by BrandBacker, who connected me to SoxxyAir and provided that discount code in exchange for an honest post to boost the signal)

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