The Nail Files: Sakura Spring

 photo newbutton_zps284b4cd7.jpg

Seattle in Springtime is pure splendor. For 2-3 weeks every year, our resident cherry trees burst into glorious color, heralding the return of all non-grey things. It's all over UW campus, the Harbor Steps, random residential's one of the most uplifting things a Seattlite sees, early in the year.

This is my tribute, nail-style:

Zoya "Bevin" for the sky, Zoya "Snow White" for the blossoms, Julep "Faye" for the tree, Julep "Charlotte" for the blossoms


I painted a single layer of sky, then used a nail art brush to dab the tree trunk on. The I used white on a sponge, dabbed onto the nail, and repeated with pink, to give that blossomed-out look.

It's enough to make a girl wanna shop the new Julep colors.

What's the best sign of Spring where you are??