True Story Thursday

I quit my job at the geek bar. The environment, people, and food were awesome...but I just couldn't do it, energy-wise. Having 16 months of unemployment fooled me into thinking I have energy, and the ability to bounce back quickly from illness. I forgot about the ATFS, and my sleep issues, and the fact that I'm 32 going on 80.

I do have another job, though, as a temp copywriter for these guys. It's full-time and pays well, I really like the people and the products, and the current chaos of my position makes things fun.

Also, been dreaming a lot with Fedora about our future tiny home on wheels. Hopefully it's a dream that can happen within the next 4 years.

ALSO! The Sweet Anthem Dream Fragrance contest is on for the second year. Wahooo! You tell Meredith what your dream fragrance would smell like, and if you win, she makes it. Plus, you win tons of great goodies. You can enter 3 different dream fragrances, and even include a Pinterest board that tells the story of your scent. Love it!

What's been going on in your week??