Nail Files: Dragonspell

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You guys. YOU GUYS.
I stumbled across ALiquid Lacquer thanks to Accio Lacquer's post about her new Silmarillion collection. And I was too, too smitten.

This is Dragonspell, an amber jelly with gold flakes and (you can just barely see there) green shimmer. I couldn't find the right light to show off the splendor of this shade, but that's 3 coats of it.

For those unfamiliar, The Silmarillion is Tolkien's Middle Earth creation story/early history, as told by elven perspective. It's epic with a capital E. 
Honestly, I kind of hated it because of that. Tolkien can get too long for my attention span, and it became overwhelming, and I only finished it because it was required reading for my Tolkien class in college.

But ALiquid Lacquer has made an amazingly gorgeous collection out of the tome.

The scene that inspired this color:

"...Looking westward she stared straight into the eyes of Glaurung, whose head lay upon the hill-top. Her will strove with him for a while, but he put forth his power, and having learned who she was he constrained her to gaze into his eyes, and he laid a spell of utter darkness and forgetfulness upon her, so that she could remember nothing that had ever befallen her, nor her own name, nor the name of any other thing; and for many days she could neither hear, nor see, nor stir by her own will."

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