Humpday Confessions

I confess...
I won an Indie Gift Box last week and I am totally in love with this new subscription box service. It's all about indie brands, and they send a variety of handmade goodies. 
It's $25/month, so at first I was a little bit balky.
But in addition to that fact that my goodies were clearly more than $40 in value, they nailed my tastes and style spot frakkin' on. AND they got the box to me in only 3 days.

Check it out:

Gothic Gala Lacquers "Sprinkled with Passion" LE polish of awesome (swatching soon!)

Marion's Vintage Bakery candy buttons for decorating cupcakes

Well now I HAVE to make a small number of gourmet cupcakes.

Mercantile519 gorgeous white filigree ring with blue rose. Fits me perfectly!

Tulips Apothecary champagne-scented, lightly-bronze-tinted lip gloss (honestly, to me it smells more like root beer, which is preferable)

This is what it looks like on. Is GREAT over my pinker lipsticks, too. Mmmm....

Well, that's my motto! I need to have this larger, framed, and able to put anywhere (or maybe a vinyl wall decoration). Adorable decor by Written for You.

Lightweight cameo earrings by Ugly Unicorn (one of the best shop names I've ever heard).

I admit I gave these to my mom, as small earrings get lost behind my hair. But she loved them! And I love the design of them.

I can't wait to sign up for an Indie Gift Box next month, now!

I confess...
I'm addicted to swaps like some women are addicted to shopping. One steady paycheck and I am a 3-swap/month gal. Sheesh!
but seriously, here's a fun book one: