Books 'n' Bloggers Show Off Time!

For our second and final Books 'n' Bloggers swap of 2014, I was paired with the tres adorable Ashley of Happy. Pretty. Sweet.

I'll give you a minute to check out her blog, where she does great book reviews, craft DIY, makeup posts, talks about acting, and uses the term 'rage baking', which is the best thing ever.
We happen to have a love of Jane Austen and costuming in common, which I let direct me to building her package.

And then, after the crappiest of crappy Fridays, in which my rent was raised, I was taken to task at work (and cried), cramps descended for no reason whatsoever, and I worked a 9-hour day....I came home to find this lovely package waiting for me.

She cleverly included a tea bag with each book, and a bag of Twizzlers (which Fedora appropriated), so I'd have lovely snacks to pair with the books. Yay!

Plus, she's psychic, because not one but TWO of these books were on my wishlist (but I hadn't posted the second one outside of BookMooch, so how did she know?!)

A book she loved: I Was Told There'd Be Cake
A book she hasn't read (and is on my wishlist, incidentally): Just Ella
A book on my wishlist (and also on hers!): Deep Blue
A bonus book! The Revealed

Thank you so much, Ashley! I can't wait to read ALL of these!

(and for your viewing pleasure, the book trailer that made me wish for Deep Blue.

Deep Blue by Author Jennifer Donnelly - WaterFire Saga on Disney Video