Humpday Confessions: Craft Hoarder and Cheating

Vodka and Soda

I confess...
I try to be a social, responsive, encouraging blogger. So if you comment here and I don't respond, it's probably because you are a 'no-reply' commenter

I confess...
I'm counting this one post in two linky parties. Aubrey said I could, so there.

I confess...
I did a walk-through of my sewing room and after clearing out most of the cobwebs, I realized I have a lot of craft stuff. A lot. Like...more than I can tackle.
So, okay, my new goal is to get through some of that crap. I'm not sure how to make that a true skein of yarn or clutch of beads of yard of fabric per month? That would still take me several years. Help!