Natural Goal Maca Review

Have you heard of Maca? Me, either. But when Natural Goal reached out to me about reviewing one of their products, I knew I had to go for this one.

Fedora and I take supplements daily as part of our health. Living in Seattle, everyone has to take Vitamin D, but we also know that we need other vitamins and minerals that we don't necessarily get through our diet. Unfortunately, none of those regular supplements have helped my health issues (which mainly center around constant exhaustion, susceptibility to illness, and achey joints).

Maca, I found out, is a root that boosts energy, enhances the libido (through hormone balancing), and increases the immune system. Natural Goal's Maca supplement is a gelatin capsule with 500g of Maca root and nothing else- no soy, no fish, no milk, no gluten, no sugar. Perfect!

I started taking one/day (recommend dose is 1-2/day) on July 2nd...

By July 18th, I saw no change in my energy level, although I seemed able to concentrate better in the mornings.

Disclaimer: I do have some random bizarre health issues that affect my energy levels, among other things. So while Maca wasn't able to overcome that for me, that doesn't mean it won't help energy levels of more normal folk.

Also, I was given this product to review on my blog- this in no way affects the integrity of my review.

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