August Goals

Monthly Goals

July Goals Recap
  • Release the Western collection of Printcess eye shadows!
  • Hie thee to the doctor for 2 years' worth of medical tests, checkups, etc that need to be done
  • Co-host the Local Flavor Swap with Miss Angie
  • Get a dentist, do that whole yearly teeth cleaning thing
  • Keep up with watering the garden daily
  • Decorate the mantle in a PATRIOTIC theme <--- FAIL. I haven't really been feeling the whole mantle decoration thing (or the nail art thing, or the fiction writing thing). Maybe my muse is on vacation.
  • Get donation together (and make pie cake) for MEOW's country fair fundraiser
  • Go on a date with Fedora 
  • Sew a sun dress, dammit <--- FAIL, but it's because I don't have my sewing machine back yet.
  • Crochet something- I mean it! 
  • Catch up on GoT season 3, and/or Doctor Who...girl, you've only got a month until the new Who! <--- FAIL. Lack of time. How do you focus on making time for TV, when you grew up being told it was a frivolous waste of time?
August Goals
  • Do a Mediclear Cleanse as the start of my treatment
  • Crochet or knit a little every day
  • Have a great birthday
  • Watch Season 8 Doctor Who premier
  • Try not to maim someone during my no-coffee cleanse
  • Do a hot/cold shower and dry brush every day (seriously, this is going to be much more difficult than it sounds)
  • Read/listen to at least 4 books

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