Dear Companies that Keep Trying to Take Advantage of Bloggers...

If you ask me to write a post, and don't offer:
a) a free product that I'm allowed to gives a 100% honest review
b) paid compensation in exchange for this post (which I will also disclose)
c) anything of value at all in exchange for it

I will not indulge you.

Because of the time required to create, and then promote, a quality post, non-hobby or monetized bloggers view blogging as a side business. 

To give you an idea, most bloggers I know spend 1-3 hours on writing the post, an additional hour on creating and editing images, another hour or so if they photographed those images as well (and then had to brand them, color-correct them, etc), then about two hours total of regular stumping of their post on social media (this is assuming the post is on-brand with their blog, and that they have room in their schedule). 

That is, in short, valuable time, energy, and focus spent on a company that doesn't actually value our time, energy, and focus. It's a bad investment.

But if you continue to persist in emailing me with your great startup pitch and expectation that I'll be a free employee for you, I will start sending you requests to promote my blog and social media channels, just because I think it'd be fun. 

Bloggers- don't let companies take advantage of you. There are plenty out there who will give you free product or monetary compensation - you don't need to waste your time with people who don't value you.