Humpday Confessional: The Cleanse

Vodka and Soda

I confess...
The cleanse commences. I'm glad the shake is chocolate-flavored, because after 5 days it really started wearing on me- no caffeine, no wheat, no sugar, no tomatoes, no alcohol, and on and on and on.
Basically, no eating out.
And a constant headache.

I confess...
Today starts a week without meat of any kind. I wouldn't say I'm a big meat eater normally, but not being able to have BBQ during the season of BBQs sucks balls.

I confess...
I finally watched Frozen. Meh. A few cute moments, but 98% meh.
I was cringing because Anna's desperation for love? That was the decade known as my 20's.

I confess...
I need to record some makeup tutorials but I am so, so bad at video editing. Ridiculously bad. I need some straightforward, quick and easy, Mac-based video editing programs or something. Suggestions?