Local Flavor Swap Recap!

Sorry for the delay in posting this....but check out the awesome I got from Ginny at Gin's Book Notes! She's a book nerd and graphic artist who designs (among other things) book covers.

She lives in a small town close to...the Peanut Capital of the World! Da da DUM!

Timing-wise, this is perfect. I just finished my cleanse last week, and I had to reintroduce foods back in, one at a time. You bet your keester peanuts were first on my list.

I love this Holiday Entertaining with Peanuts recipe booklet. I never thought about how many dishes you can make with peanuts. I can't wait to try making Peanut Brittle!
(as for the cupcake menu....it totally rivals the PNW's cupcake trend)

Mmmm....fried peanuts (which I've never tried)

Playing cards...they are REALLY proud of their claim to fame. 

This is from a local syrup maker shop. I can't wait to try it, especially over some grilled roast.

Huzzah for local, raw honey! These bee hives are in Landmark Park, which it apparently a working farmstead/park. How cool is that?! If I ever get to Dothan, I am totally there.

It's got a blade on one side, and an odd fork contraption on the other...which I just bet has something to do with shelling peanuts.

An assortment of postcards and brochures from Dothan and thereabouts. In addition to their historic opera house, they have a mural festival which looks neat, a botanical gardens, sporting events, Toadlick music festival, etc.

These two are my favorites. On the left is a guide to the restaurants of the region- touting the best dishes. Alabama, you better not close any restaurants before I come visit. Some of them sound awesome!

On the right is the Boll Weevil monument. That's right, it's a statue of a goddess, holding a hideous, destructive insect that wiped out the original cotton crop of the area, thus allowing them to convert to peanuts...and the rest is history. All this taking place in Coffee County. What's not to love?

This is genius- the downtown area is encircled by one road. So if you get lost, get on that circle and eventually you'll find the place you were going to. Why aren't all towns built like this?!

In with the peanut goodies- golden peanut pins! 
Seriously, I love how proud that area is of their staple crop. What a fun, community-building heritage to have. 

Thank you so much, Ginny, for opening my eyes to Dothan and it's charms. To be honest, I didn't know Alabama could be this fun! I'm putting it on my map of places to visit (Oooo! Maybe for the Peanut Festival!)
Gin's Book Notes

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