Pretty Little Beauty Swap Happy Mail

Between the swap, the heat, and work stress, I've been needing all the happy mail I can get. Lucky for me, I was paired with the very generous Ashley of A Faithful Passion.

She's got a very sweet blog with all sorts of musings on life, happiness, fashion, beauty, and general fun stuff. Like a very mature twenty-something.

She's also got impeccable taste, as you can see by what she sent me:

(clearly, I need to buy a lime green dress to match these lovelies)

Didn't I say she was generous? That, my darlings, is a swap score. 
Thank you so much, Ashley, for spreading the blog cheer and being so generous! I'm not ashamed to say I've used most of these items already. :)

This was definitely the happy mail I needed to perk up my week!

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