Put Whidbey Island on the List

The list of things for you to see when you visit Seattle AND the list of places I want to live.
I visited it for the first time the other weekend, and although the weather was overcast it was tres jolie.
Langley was just too charming for words, plus they have wineries, a chocolatier, a whale museum AND free Shakespeare in the Park. So while Clinton, Freeland, Coupeville and Oak Harbor are fine, I've got my eye set on Langley.

Lots of photos ahead!

I was in the back of my mom's car, so forgive the crappy shots.

That's their city hall. I wish I'd been quick enough to snap a pic of the library, which I would gladly pay someone to live in. Too cute!

Okay, last one of Langley's sweet little downtown with their one pub. *squeee!*

On to Fort Casey! It was operational in WWII, keeping an eye out for the Japanese. WA was pretty certain they were going to have an invading force, by the Japanese of the Russians or both.

It starts drizzling, so this is a bad zoom from inside the car.

I started fading, so the pics don't get better quality from here on out BUT the scenery is even more gorgeous.

Deception Pass State Park, with a sandy beach lake on one side...

And the Sound on the other!


Gull photobomb!

Driving across Deception Pass, the bridge that separates Whidbey from the mainland

The dramatic views just aren't as awesome through an iPhone....

But it's pretty dramatic.

More lakes!

There's a peak near Anacortes

Well, you get the idea. Whidbey is cute towns, rolling farmland, and old-growth forests with lush greenery and water everywhere.

It's a 15-minute ferry from Everett, more or less, to the south end of the island. So at the most convenient, it's about 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Seattle.

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