Why I'm Going to be a Horrible Person this Month


I confess...
I've had a chronic illness for my entire adult life, and it's only gotten worse as I've gotten older. It's why I have no social life, outside of the internet. Basically, I'm always exhausted, always getting sick with every little (and big) thing that comes along, unable to count on my body to be able to do anything.

And for the past 7 years, no doctor has been able to tell me what it is.
No matter the test, my blood always comes back totally healthy on everything.

So when I got health insurance this year, I went to a naturopath.
You guys, she sent me off to do two blood tests, and within 3 weeks I had a diagnoses.
What other doctors couldn't figure out in SEVEN YEARS she got done in three weeks.

The diagnosis?
Epstein-Barr virus, basically throwing a mega frat party in my blood cells. That's the virus that causes mono, the "kissing disease". My antibodies were off the charts, so they've been doing the nasty in my body for a long time. From my symptom history, probably since I was 17 or so.

(me for the past decade and a half)

I confess...
You can read more about EBV here, but basically it's a very smart, adaptive virus that lives inside healthy cells. Most people conquer it and it goes inactive. I haven't been able to, for apparently my entire adult life. There is no cure, but my new doc thinks I can empower my immune system to switch that virus to 'off'.

I confess...
I'm trying hard not to feel hugely guilty about the amount of people I've infected with EBV through all that blood donating I've done. And through kissing. There's been a lot of kissing. And sharing food! I feel like Typhoid Mary, with better hygiene.

I confess...
Step 1 is to do an elimination diet cleanse to get any allergens out of my body, so my immune system only has one thing to fight off, while pumping me full of immune-boosting supplements.
That's three weeks of me going without coffee, alcohol, sugar, wheat, and a whole host of other things.
So basically, I'm going to be a mopey, raging bitch for the entire month of August. You have been forewarned.

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