Do the Puyallup

Last Sunday we did the State Fair in Puyallup. This was my second time there, and Fedora's first. I gotta say, even without kids and being wary of portable roller coasters, we had a lot of fun!

It runs most of September (the 5th to the 21st, this year) and includes a rodeo, concerts, horse shows, a lot of 4-H and FFA presence, midway and roller coasters, vendor exhibits, art and crafts show, and of course, fair food!

Here's the photo dump, for your viewing pleasure:
First place winner of the soft sculpture crafts contest.
Taken especially for MelanieGrace.

The 4-H cat clubs were doing cat shows, and as part of it
each kid had to decorate their cat's kennel in a theme.
This one was Egyptian, which is brilliant because this is a Sphynx.

Fedora's FAVORITE cat breed ever. He calls them "naked kitties" and
he wants one so badly, I'm pretty sure we'll be getting two
(even though, with their lack of hair, you have to bathe them
daily to keep their skin happy).

This 4-H kid needs a medal. I wish Ricki Jill was still blogging
because this is 100% her...

That's right. A Shadowhunter cat! 
The dishes were marked with the runes for Agility, Intelligence, etc.

And then there was this one.....look closely...

Yes, this is a cat named Katniss, who is in a Hunger Games kennel.
Including the food dish "Cornucopia" and a little bow and arrow.

This one (a Cornish Rex! Another favorite breed, for the curly hair and monkey-like
tendencies) is in a Gilligan's Island-decorated kennel.
These kids. Seriously. I want to hug them all.

This little beauty keyed into Fedora instantly. There was a bonding moment,
even though we weren't allowed to touch the cats.

I really want to be a kid in 4-H, raising cats. When I was in 4-H, 
there was no cat program! Ah, how I rue it. I want to go back in time and space,
join this program, and make a TARDIS kennel for my cat.

That gorgeous Bengal (another favorite breed! Yeah yeah, they're all favorites) 
is in a fabulous Star Trek kennel, which included a box of tribbles!

And yet another Sphynx kitten! This one was a bakery theme.

This gorgeous guy was in a World Cup-themed kennel
(he's hanging out inside the goal).

We actually got to talk to this young man about his display.
He was remarkably well-spoken and confident (and forward-thinking)
for a kid of his age. I was impressed!

And that's his Poke-cat.

Okay, enough of the cats! This goat was in the Farm Animal area, where all the adorable
farm and barnyard critters lurk.
And yes, he's in the food trough, burying his head into the alfalfa that he's consuming.
That's my kind of goat!

Alpacas with great 'dos!

King of the Hill! I love when goats do this.

This guy was chewing (cud?) with his eyes closed and this
blissful expression on his little black face. What a cutie!

Of course when you go to the fair (you ARE going, right?)
you have to eat an elephant ear. With raspberry jam, says I.

Or you could get bacon. Dunno where they sell that, though...

We didn't have the space in our guts to try anything from this stand....
next year, though! We will come prepared to conquer the deep fried mac-and-cheese (but not the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, because EWW).

(or maybe the deep fried bacon-wrapped jalapeno, deep fried s'more, or deep fried pickles- yum!)

There are street performers, including these two fun stiltwalking anteaters.

And rides, of course. For the truly daring...

Or the mildly daring.

I definitely recommend going, even if you don't have kids. It's a great workout (we walked for 4 hours, straight!) with fun and ridiculous food, adorable animals, interesting businesses, great opportunities for people watching, and did I mention the cats?

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