eShakti is making me look good

UPDATE: I returned this too-tight dress and they replaced it with an NSFW one that showed my boobs off. I sent that back to exchange it and they just ignored instead of replacing it. At the same time, I bought two other dresses from them- weeks after purchasing they told me one of the dresses was out of stock. I requested that they cancel my entire order, then. Instead, they processed my order and refunded my money, but not shipping cost. 
BUYER BEWARE: eShakti is all roses and honey at first, but their customer service SUCKS and I will no longer support them, nor ever buy anything from them again.

All summer long, I've been on the hunt for cute summer dresses that I can wear. I'm tired of feeling cut in half by waistbands, and would like to show off my shapely, awesome legs. I've spent hundreds at Kohl's, Goodwill, and ModCloth and had very dismal results. 

I blamed it on myself, of course. My boobs are too wide. My waist is too high. My belly is too rotund. But then I recalled a guest at my brother's wedding, who is vaguely my shape and was wearing a dress from eShakti and looked like a million bucks in it.

So hey, why not try a sun dress from them??
eShakti carries sizes 0-36W and provides free customization service with their dresses, making the sleeves, neckline, and hem entirely up to you. 

The good:

I ordered mine with a hem "above the knee". Elsewhere, this has meant the hemline hits entirely below my kneecaps, but with eShakti it did, in fact, hit at the top of my kneecap. It's more 'at the knee' than above it, but it's a hell of a lot more accurate than other dressmakers.

The detail on the hem and neckline is adorable and eye-catching, and the whole thing got a lot of compliments at work.

The sleeves are perfect. They're little caps that cover my pits without creating surplus fabric, and help balance the fullness of the skirt perfectly.

The embroider was backed! No open threading against my skin- huzzah! 

The seams are nicely constructed- this dress feels very durable and well-made. It didn't bleed with a washing, and only wrinkled a little bit. 

Side zip makes it easy for me to put on without assistance.

Slimming fit details such as princess seams and a slightly high waist (not empire, but high enough to hide my belly roll).

The v-neckline isn't too low to be cleavagey, but it is a little awkward with the too-small-for-my-boobs nature of this bust (see below).

Bra strap snaps. Huzzah!

The bad:
They did warn me in the product description that this material has no give- it's too tight across my bust, despite my best measurements. I can't tell if this is me failing to measure accurately, fluctuating in chest size, or a flaw of design. It fits, but smushes my boobs flat and causes a buckling of fabric underneath the bust.

The embroidery along the neckline started unraveling after 1 wash (cold water, gentle cycle). I have a feeling the floral design won't last long. Total bummer, because it's the cutest part about this dress, but at least I know I can replace it with my on embroidery if needed.

In total? Totally worth it. I now know to order a size larger than I did for this dress, and I've picked out a few dozen must-have eShakti dresses to buy as soon as I can.

Want to see what awesome deals they have going on? Be sure to follow eShakti on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

I received this dress in exchange for my honest opinion of eShakti. This in no way compromised the integrity of my review.

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