Eye of the Week: Persephone Says Hello

Lest anyone think I am perfectly competent with makeup, just because I enjoy playing with it and make my own, below is an example of lessons learned by doing.

That is Mineral Basics "Pomegranate Sparkler" on my browbone, Printcess "Royals" on my lid, and Printcess "Kingdom"as a liner (and on the outer edge of my waterline).

I loved Mineral Basics....they were my introduction to mineral eye shadows (they've since gone out of business). 
But (like Sweet Libertine and everyone else, it seems) their colors are supershinetastic
That's great for signaling airplanes, but not so much for a professional job when you're 32 and look 45.

So once I put Pomegranate on and realized how orangey it is, I thought I'd try pairing it with my mauvey pink and reddish brown. The affect is...educational.
Brow bone colors should be neutral. Got it.

(and if you're wondering why my under eye looks suddenly 20 years older....that's now what happens when the sun comes out. I freckle/age spot in new and exciting areas.)