Looking Back at the Summer

It's officially Fall, and this summer pretty much blew past. That's not to say I didn't do much, but I didn't blog a lot about my adventures. So here they are, in one fell swoop:

Lots of reading accomplished this summer. I'm probably going to
have to do Novels in November again, as I'm so far ahead on my
weekly book reviews!

Farmer's market goodness! This local company makes THE BEST jams.

I started a blanket! Something about hexagonal granny squares makes
me happy. I hope to finish it before Xmas...

Went to the Fort Nisqually Brigade Encampment and found Fedora a new job!
He says $100/month, not so good.

(I cannot recommend this living history museum enough. I got sunburned from 
being so caught up in all the 1850's DIY and history lessons!)

I made a piecake for an animal shelter fundraiser event (I do love baking for charity!).
This is a chocolate cake in a pie tin, covered with cherries and a piped "crust" of smooth peanut butter.

My tomatoes ripened and were delicious- all 3 of them!

Fedora and I explored Vashon Island more. I love it, but he's not a fan of the whole
"only way off the island is a ferry" thing. 

HAPPY MAIL! I won a subscription to Uppercase Box and this is what I got.
I've been lusting after those Jane Austen tattoos (although what I'm going to do with
them I don't know. I'm tempted to whip up a "Regency Biker Chick" costume...)
*and* Kiss of Deception, for ages.
Uppercase Box = Full of Win

I documented my excellent everything day. Seriously- one Saturday in August, my hair,
skin, etc all behaved itself. This will be my proof when I am old and rock-like,
that once I had some pretty.

I FINALLY saw the premier of the new season of Doctor Who.
Only the first episode, though.
Because we don't have TV service.

My postman started pulling this utter bullshit.
Those are packages, "delivered" by being tossed over the (open-gate) fence
and left all day in the rain.

A coworker went to Hawaii and brought me back some medicine.
I had to bring it home, because the temptation to drink at work just
keeps growing.
Hey, it's better than committing homicide!

(I'm joking, HR, I swear!)

Fedora and I went to Hurricane Ridge. You should totally go. 
Review post coming soon!

Fedora and I have a merry war of five-year-old proportions.
He left this on my phone one morning, while I slept.
Cheeky bastard.

I went on a self-directed (mostly local breweries) beer tasting bender!
Der Blokken "Black" was sadly nasty- a sour stout. Pleck.

Paradise Creek Brewery "Sacred Cow", was like a mocha milkshake
posing as a beer. I loved it. Deeeeelicious.

Samuel Smith's "Organic Chocolate Stout" was better than expected- like a thin liquid dark chocolate. I kept checking the bottle- is this beer? This tastes like melted chocolate.
Are you sure this is beer?
Maybe it wasn't, because I didn't get tipsy, but it was tasty tasty as a dessert.

But my favorite was Stone's collaboration with Chris Banker, called
"something Aztecan because it's basically a Mexican hot chocolate,
but that's really difficult to spell and pronounce, you ponces!"
Or something like that.

It tasted purely like a Mexican hot chocolate, with a bit of beer on the back end.

Miss Angie tagged me in an Instagram #StopDropandSelfie meme. 
I didn't even know this was a thing!
But since my (Instagram) honor was at stake, I did it.
At 6:34 am, before coffee, makeup, hair, or breakfast.

But then she totally made up for it, by sending me a surprise birthday gift!
Out of the Easy, by Ruta Sepetys looks like perfect Autumn reading material,
and the card made me laugh, and the homemade bookmarks are adorable,
and who doesn't need multiple journals?!
Thank you, Miss Angie!!

Phew! That was a lot.
Things that didn't happen this summer:
Didn't solve my health issues, despite that horrid 3-week-long cleanse.
Didn't save as much money as I'd hoped to, due to unexpected social time and family emergencies.

So I'm just going to have to have more adventures this Autumn, to make up for it!