Oubly is Ooosome

I once won a gift certificate to Oubly, an online stationary shop in the same vein as Minted and Vista Print but so much better.

Why better?


It's also less expensive, with a more "me" selection, and fantastic customer service (I inadvertently chose a white font, and they called me and emailed me, trying to catch me to verify if I really wanted invisible writing and holding production until they knew for sure). 
Shipping was uber-fast, too. I had my notecards within a week!

Aren't there darling? I couldn't resist all the little strawberries. They're a nice hefty cardstock with zero printing errors. For grins, I got their sample pack of products- I found some lovelies in there, including adorable stickers they sent me for grins. I definitely recommend Oubly for your stationary needs!

(I did not receive a sample or compensation to post this- I was just impressed enough with the company to share them with y'all).

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