Humpday Confessions & Friday Confessional

Vodka and Soda


I confess....

I'm doing this again. It's a great answer to the age-old question "which of these books should I read next?" Want to play with? Signups close 10/15.

I confess...
I decorated my mantel with Halloween stuff on 9/27. Because I had walked into a store and they had already put up Xmas decor. It's the wee rebellion, but it's mine.

I confess...
I have a future epic blogger living next door. I say future because she's 10/11 years old (ish). But she's startling polite, is constantly playing soccer with her younger brother (and not meanly) AND- you guys! - she goes outside and reads under the eaves when it rains.
Yesterday it was The Fault in Our Stars.

I could have cheered. I want to high-five her parents, but I never actually see them. I kind of want to high-five this gal, but it's not like she knows how awesome she is, for her age. Decades from now, I hope she looks back and realizes how awesome she was (and likely still is).

I confess...
We had a great bday for Fedora, which started with pressies and ended with arcade game fun for four hours.
That stuffed octopus may be the best gift I've ever given. He keeps wearing it like a pirate's parrot.

I confess...
I have been playing around with a post of "what it's like to have CFS", but it's harder than you'd think to make that funny. And the last thing you folks need is a list of my grievances and whining. This may have been kicked off by a flareup that's left me weak as a potato, and about as intelligent.

I confess....
Given said flare-up, I'm not sure I can pull this off BUT I figured out what I'm doing for Halloween this year.

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