Blog Tour: My Writing Process

Miss Angie over at My So-Called Chaos was such a sweetie in including me in this tour! Writing is something I've done since kindergarten, but I rarely stop to evaluate my process....

What am I working on?
I would love to get my groove back and continue my novel writing, but that's pretty dormant right now. I'm a copywriter (I write ads, product descriptions, catalogs, etc) and I write TONS of posts for this blog, so that's where the focus is.

I am never short of ideas, so right now it's prioritizing beauty tutorials and makeup tips, balancing book reviews, descriptions of my Printcess shadows, etc.

How does my work differ from others in my same type/genre?
It's mine. *ahem*
I straddle a weird line between "don't have my shit together, real-life imperfect blogger" and "active, avid, professional blogger". My content doesn't ramble, but it spreads across multiple topics. I'm not a leader in a specific field, nor is my blog an open journal (it'd be fun, but too many employers read it) but I like to think it provides some benefit for other real-world bloggers.

Why do I write what I do?
I'm an over-sharer. Writing allows me to feel like someone besides myself may benefit from my experience, good or bad, and that makes me feel worthwhile. I don't have my shit together, but at least I can help you save money, teach you tricks to posing for sexy photos, and share some weekly book love.

How does my writing process work?
In my previous life as a novelist, I'd get a brilliant idea, outline the major plot points in a few sentences, then outline the novel as a whole, then chapter by chapter, to make sure everything connected. That also allowed me to write non-sequentially, as inspiration hit.

As a blogger, I follow a schedule:
Every week I post
the Eye of the Week to keep me sharp on makeup looks, and experimenting with color
the nail art I did this week (as part of the Nail Files linky party)
and book reviews

In between, I try to squeeze in time for
product reviews
beauty tutorials
swap recaps
Friday Confessional
and Monthly Goals.

So basically, every weekend I make sure I have posts for the upcoming week prepared.

If you're not familiar with Jennie Shaw, she's hilarious, a writer, a very talented nail aficionado, a fur mama, and an avid reader. Plus, she's Canadian!

I found Jennie's blog and was immediately inspired by her nail art and sense of humor. These days, it's not unusual for us to trade novel-length emails about living with chronic illness, amazing books we just read, drag queens, vintage bling, nail polish woes, and cooking chronicles. She makes me laugh, regularly, and her enthusiasm is delightful and refreshing.

If you want to follow the chronicles of a talented, hilarious writer/nail polish enthusiast/reader/cook, you should definitely check her out!

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