Cozy Box Swap & Lil Box o' Sunshine Swap

You know what's awesome? I saw 32+ relatives over Thanksgiving, and didn't get sick. And THEN I came home to snow (which is awesome and then some). And THEN I got both my Cozy Box Swap and Lil Box o' Sunshine Swap boxes from my partners, to open and ogle.

(but first, epic hair)

My partner was the fabulous Bethani of Texan Pantry, a new blogger and fantastic gal.

Everything came wrapped in lovely paper, with notes on what it was for (which piqued my interest!)

Autumn Leaves candle (which smells like apples...mmmmmm), wired hair tie (never seen such a thing but how fun!), Covergirl double-ended mascara, kraft paper and twine gift tags, map paper punched-out hearts (hrm...what to craft, what to craft...), a cute woodland animal magnetized list pad (perfect, as we just ran out of paper in our last one), Land o' Lakes cocoa (for Fedora), Thank You cards (will definitely be using these!), a whole clutch of beribboned book marks, pocket Kleenex (a gal's best friend), Sinful Colors orange nail polish, an adorable literary/printed nail file/emory board, and two gorgeous mint green and gold pens. Phew! I was spoiled. 

Thanks bunches, Laura for hosting, and Bethani for being a great swapper and new blog buddy!

My partner was She of Fantastic Taste, Tula of Primary School Library Diva.

Orphan Train, a book she enjoyed which I haven't yet read (it's on my library to-rent list!), Red polka dotted oven mitt (fantastically timed, as our last oven mitt just disintegrated), a sparkly nail file/emory board, aloe-infused fuzzy socks (which I can't stop wearing!)

Gorgeous sparkly teal infinity scarf, EOS strawberry lip balm (I'm balm-addicted), VS Pink body lotion (which smells fantastic- vanilla and peony, and is called, appropriately enough, "warm & cozy"), OPI hot red nail polish, and the best monogram notepad set ever (with a sparkly "B" pen, and a prompt of "Today I will..." which sums up what I use notepads for!)

Sugar Cookie mix with pretty snowflake cookie cutter and mixing spatula (as Tula says, I can't eat these but I'll have fun making them as gifts! I have some sprinkles that need using...)

Thanks so much, Brandi for hosting, and Tula for being an epic swapper and a new blog friend!

Seriously, I felt the love today. Thank you, ladies, for giving me a great Sunday and plenty of goodies to play with!