2014 Review Extravaganza ~ Apr/May/Jun

In April...
My part-time copywriting job turned into full-time, and I quit AFK because I didn't feel like I could meet their standards. And, the exhaustion was killing me. Still not sure if I have CFS or ATFS, but the end result is the same.

My tulips, irises, clusianas, etc bloomed in a glorious display of color.

I participated in Fairytale Fortnight.

More memes!

Started making no-knead bread. A lot of it.

In May...
First on the list is that my brother got married! The wedding was a ton of fun, and gorgeous, and every loved it. I was a bridesmaid. Look how pretty my SIL is!

Fedora and I celebrated our two year anniversary. I have a question for y'all: when you go from dating to married, do you count the number of years you've been together for the anniversary? Or just the number of years you've been married?

I jumped into Instagram, which I check daily now and use like a bad habit. Instagram and Pinterest make me happy.

Our landlords decided to end our lease in 2015, forcing our hand. Fedora and I started planning on living a mobile life, since we can't afford land to build a tiny house.

I posted a few ways to save more money: hand-powered home stuff and the truth about laundry.

I also posted a little HTML education. I don't like to teach blog best practices here (because one look at my unlabeled, nonprofessional photos will tell you I don't have the more shishi blog), but the alt tag vs title thing was driving me nuts.

I started posting beauty tutorials (how do you wear false eyelashes?) and info (what's the difference between BB and CC cream?)

My oldest bro treated mom and myself to an awesome drag brunch, where we saw our fav drag performer, Celys St. James Black.

I combined my two blogs here, and changed the title (Printcess & Living a Goddess Life). In all honesty, I'd like it to just be Printcess but I don't want Living a Goddess Life followers to suddenly feel like I've changed my content. :/

In June...
I continued my posts about saving money, in terms of a savings account and power.

Fedora and I attended the Mother Earth News Fair, where we dug into info about solar power, raising alpacas, and more. And then we ditched the mobile living plan of May.

I told you more about myself...

I became permanently (not temp) employed at Filson! That was a nice payoff to several weeks of 12-hour days.

I reviewed all of the lip gloss I own, since the color and texture types vary wildly.

I got hooked on Indie Gift Box.