2014 Review Extravaganza ~ Jan/Feb/Mar

In January....
I officially opened Printcess, my small business! All year I've been handcrafting vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, irritant-free mineral makeup. When I first started it, I envisioned 4 releases of 12 colors each...which was a wee bit ambitious, even for me!

I explored Tacoma's Museum of Glass with my folks- which is a definite must-see if you're in western Washington.

I applied to a lot of jobs. A LOT.

Since I had so much free time, I posted a lot of about me memes here, here and here.

In February....
I started (and then later abandoned) a blog specifically for Printcess. I thought I could juggle an even amount of content between the two...but it turns out it just made me produce way too much content for both. And y'all don't need another blog to follow! ;)

I released the Printcess Fairytale collection.

I applied to yet more jobs.

I did my best nail art yet.

It snowed!

Fedora and I started watching the Tom Baker episodes of Doctor Who, after seeing the 50th anniversary special.

The IRS took my last remaining money in taxes, leaving me almost totally dependent on Fedora, financially. Probably the most helpless I've ever felt.

In March...
I nursed my sourdough obsession (and bread baking obsession) by sharing many recipes.

I had more fun with memes.

I did a lot of blog reviews, to offset that whole total poverty thing.

I got a job working as a bartender at AFK Tavern, the local geek-themed bar and grill. And then I got a second job working as a part time copywriter, to make ends meet. Turns out, Chronic Fatigue and long, late shifts on your feet are not a good mix.

I started pickling jalapeƱos, which has now become a monthly thing as everybody loves them. Yay!