Book Bingo Wrap-Up

Well, it's the end of the holiday edition of Book Bingo. 
How did you do?

Yours truly got all the BINGOs, but only through some serious, focused effort. 
And spamming y'all with multiple book reviews every week for two months.
Sorry about that.

Thanks to Great Imaginations for hosting this.

Reread (Zombies vs Unicorns)
Romance (Book of a Thousand Days)
Set on Halloween (A Discovery of Witches)
Birds on a Cover (The Help)
Witches (The Witch of Portobello)

Green Cover (Son of a Witch)
Ice/Snow/Frost in Title (Lord of Snow and Shadows)
Snow on Cover (The Ninth Daughter)
Mystery (The Thousand Dollar Tan Line)
Set in Autumn (Cruel Beauty)

Historical (The Aviator's Wife)
Creature on Cover (A Lion Among Men)
Set During Christmastime (A Redbird Christmas)
Orange Cover (What Color is Your Parachute? 2015)

Set in New Orleans (Out of the Easy)
Native American MC (River Marked)
Black Cover (How I Live Now)
Set in Space (These Broken Stars)
Fall/Winter Release (Incarnate)

Horror (The Ocean at the End of the Lane)
Red Cover (His Majesty's Dragon)
Serial Killers (Don't Talk to Strangers)
A Book That Was a Gift (Just Ella)
Steampunk (Boneshaker)

Didn't participate? Don't worry- I'm sure signups will be posted for the next one soon!

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