Book Review: Ginger Krinkles

Synopsis according to Goodreads:
"Ginger Krinkles is crossing her fingers that this holiday season will be extra special, for once. She lost her job in San Diego and dreads moving back home to Ennui, Ohio, where she’s convinced she will end up like her mean ol’ grandmother (God rest her soul). Ginger has always been a holiday-hater. But she has a secret. Make that two. If you buy the first one, maybe it will be easier to unwrap the second: either Ginger is an elf, or there really is magic to be found in an old cookie recipe."

Ginger Krinkles is snarky. Normally, too much snark frustrates me, as sarcasm is really negative and eventually makes me feel like the main character is just a whiner. But I think it was well balanced here with humor.

There were some scenes that had me guffawing and all up in schadenfreude, especially the baking scene. Oh my goodness, have I been there! 

My primary frustration with this book was its length- if it explored and developed the characters more (and was consistent- things flew by so quickly I didn't really get the meaning behind the dialogue), it could have been twice as long and twice as good. I lost all sense of the stakes, as Joe was a cardboard prop with muscles and no consistency, Lauri was a holier-than-thou pancake, Melissa was a mean bitch, and Frankie was a device. DeTarsio, please PLEASE develop your characters. I promise, you don't have to lose the quickly-paced dialogue or humor to do this.

In all, it was a very quick read, and an entertaining one. Some of the one-liners and asides were spot on, especially for modern readers. And her sense of San Diego is also spot-on (Tood Fruck must surely be a thing in PB!). If you're looking for a snarkysweet Christmastime contemporary adult novel, this one is pretty fun.

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