December Goals

Monthly Goals

November Goals Recap
  • Release the Printcess Noir collection! <---SUCCESS!
  • Celebrate TG with the Bay Area family <---Was a nice, if tiring, trip.
  • Read read read read read (three reviews/week!) <---SUCCESS, another Novels in November (and them some- I have a BINGO to get through)
  • Save $1,000 toward the hopeful future house purchase <---FAIL. Spent all my spare change on swaps and holiday surprises for folks. I'm a glutton for giving!
  • Plan our Wizarding World of Harry Potter trip <--And purchased! Can't wait!
  • Stick to this new low-histamine and leaky gut diet no matter what <--- I'm sticking to it. It's driving me nuts.
  • Post more beauty tutorials <---FAIL. But I have some recorded to post, hopefully in December.
  • Co-host the 12 Days of Christmas swap with Miss Angie <---SUCCESS! I can't wait to see what goodies everyone got!

December Goals
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Figure out how I can have a Printcess booth at local craft shows (any advice, shop owners???)
  • Get Printcess into subscription boxes
  • Fill every square of Book Bingo (sorry for the multiple book review posts, but I'm so close!)
  • Save $1,000 toward the hopeful future house purchase. Seriously. I mean it.
  • Stick to this new low-histamine and leaky gut diet, even though I'm just as exhausted as I was before and Christmas is filled with yum. Because what if I sabotage myself and it's (slowly) working?
  • Post another beauty tutorial 
  • Crochet or rainbow loom at least 3 things
  • Plan and post the 2015 swaps with Miss Angie on Chaotic Goddess Swaps

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