Handmade Love: Scrooged

For those of you already over it *coughcoughFedoracoughcough*, here's a more....grinchy list of holiday goodies:

1. Scrooged Body Butter, Perfume Oil & Hand Soap by Nevermore Body Company

2. Bill F*cking Murray Shirt by The Shirt Lab

3. Candy Cane Christmas Fleece Sweatshirt by Myda Great

4. Bah Hum Mug by Simply Made Greetings

5. Meh...rry Christmas Pendant by Cheshire Kitty Corner

6. I Love Starbucks, Grumpy Cat Edition by Pink Mug NY

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas Hair Bow by Sew Simply Sweet Boutique

8. HateMail for the Holidays by JunkMail Greetings

9. Scrooge Coal Soap by The Charming Frog

Which grumpy-side-of-Christmas goodie is your favorite?

(I found him a hat!)

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