Life Lately

It's the holiday season, which means lots of socializing. First up was my bro's bday party, which we arrived horridly late to, and thus spent an exhausted two hours doing things like playing the the cat on the stairs.

Then was Fedora's work holiday party at a bowling alley, which was fun and on a Monday. The next week was my work's holiday party, which was fun and on a TUESDAY. Which is even worse!

I finally pulled out the decorations, and Fedora surprised me by decorating the mantel while I was doing dishes. He did a good job!

Next up is: 

And then sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Including on New Year's Eve.

Because, predictably, I am exhausted. Fedora believes this extra-bad-tiredness is coming from work stress (not a bad guess- I'm working on THREE catalogs at the same time right now), but I think there's something wrong with my sleep patterns. Plus the usual CFS (?) thing that's been haunting me for 16 years. 

So although I've been posting every single day this month (er....sorry, I know it's a lot!), I haven't been as good about returning comments and visiting your blog as I'd like to be. I'm going to work on that!

I'm also working on getting into the holiday spirit. I'm trying to get my hands on a copy of The Holiday to rewatch, and (someday) be able to see Elf all the way through (the library DVD is so badly scratched it dies halfway through). I think that'll help!

How's your holiday season going so far??

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