Swap Addicted ~ All the Reveals!

All the swaps, lovelies.

Beauty & the Bookshelf and The Book Belles hosted the Enchanted Book Exchange
My partner was Kaitlin over at Reading is My Treasure
who spoiled me with 2 books from my wishlist (Scarlet and Jellicoe Road), plus 
a colorful printed scarf. YAY!

Next up is the Secret Santa Book Exchange, hosted by Becoming Books
My partner was Kristen over at Pretty Little Pages
who treated me to Compulsion (on my wishlist! yay!) complete
with bookmark and temporary tattoos, plus chocolate. So much chocolate!
And Kleenex (Compulsion gonna make me cry??), Doctor Who magnet,
cat toys, candy canes and the best necklace ever (with the Doctor Who quote from The Big Bang: "We're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?").

Hosted by Bethani at The Texan Pantry, my partner for this was Chrissy at The Brave Wanderer, whose adventures in Germany are making me want to go back there.
 I love the knit headband (good timing- my bangs have grown out and are driving me nuts) and the airy print scarf.

And, of course. the 12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by Miss Angie and myself at Chaotic Goddess Swaps
I was paired with the talented Anna van Schulman at Stitch Bitch, who can make anything.
She also spoiled me rotten. And cleverly packaged things in snow wrapping paper (no secret: snow is one of my favorite things about the season. And sadly, we've had warm rain this month, so this IS the only snow I've gotten).

(She made magnetic bookmark)

(she cross-stitched me this amazeballs Doctor Who ornament for our Geek Tree)

(she supported my lip balm addiction)

(she mad me this sodalite necklace in my colors. I love it!)

(she bought me this historic mystery. Given how much I loved The Ninth Daughter, I'm 99% certain I'm going to love it. And also, be searching for that glaring anachronism.)

(she made me this beaded spider in my colors, green & blue. And included the German origin store of tinsel, which tickles me and which I'd never heard of before. New tradition!)

(she made these gorgeous cards, a variety of birthday, thank you, etc for me to use.)

(she made me this melted crayon tree ball, which looks like a planet to me. Funnily enough, I just ran across this craft on Pinterest the day before opening this gift, and pinned it to do next year! So she's a mind-reader, too)

(she made me a teal glitter dino ornament. How can you not love a blinded out dinosaur?? Plus, it's an (inadvertent?) Firefly reference)

(she got me organic chamomile tea; my diet does limit choices, but this is good as a nightcap)

(she knit- or is it crochet? I think it's knit- me a basket-weave infinity scarf! It's more blue than the photo shows, because my lighting at home is horribly, horribly yellow. Nice and cozy!)

(she got me two gorgeous tall mugs, of a pretty teal color with an even prettier paisley design. Say what you like about paisley- anything even vaguely Arabesque makes me happy. Plus, these are large enough for any drink. I might just take one for the office and one for home, and not let Fedora use it.)

I have a bit of a swap hangover. I'm coming off the high of opening random happy mail and (even more thrilling) sending it.
And I'm trying not to have a complex about how my packages sent weren't as awesome as those I received.

Thank you, kind friends and swap partners, who filled my mailbox and heart with generosity and joy.

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