Printcess Seahawks Limited-Edition Trio

If you didn't hear already, the Seahawks won Sunday's game against the Packers (who played a great game!), in overtime, after waiting to score until the end of the 3rd quarter (thanks for the adrenaline rush, guys!).

In honor of their new status as NFC Champs and the fact that they'll be playing the Patriots on 2/1 at the Superbowl, I'm offering a limited-edition Printcess Seahawks trio.

This is how proud I am of my city's team and the community around it- I spent hours Sunday evening, grinding up matching shades for the logo after their win. 
So, you know, you can rock a 'Hawks look.

All three brand-new colors will be sold as a set for $12 (a 33% savings). 
Get 'em here, or here!
I only have a limited number available, and when they run out they run out!

12th Man is the standard Seahawks blue: a deep, true hue with intensity as loud as the 12th Man.


Go 'Hawks is a bright grass green, loud but not obnoxious, true to the third color of their logo. It has a nearly-metallic sheen, to guarantee easy identification as a Seahawks fan.

Legion of Boom is a high-sparkle light silver, very eye-catching and just as effective at stopping people as our safeties and cornerbacks.

(Legion of Boom is silver, not blue. My camera couldn't handle the awesome)


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