Review Extravaganza ~ Oct/Nov/Dec

In October...

I made some awesome gross food for Halloween.

I reminder you (and myself!) to clean your makeup brushes often.

Since the summer's cleanse failed miserably, I did some serious tests.
And then my doc put me on the Nothing Tasty Ever Again Diet, to reduce histamine in my system.
Spoiler Alert: It hasn't worked

I showed you how I apply loose mineral eyeshadow, in hopes some of those tips would improve your makeup routine (or make it less messy, anyway). It was a makeup-intense month for me.

I swatched the Printcess Literature collection

I dressed as Merida from Brave at work, for Halloween. It was a 'meh' day for me, unfortunately.

I also embraced my inner reader geek, upping my reading game and sharing fun bookish memes.
That was driven a lot by this Book BINGO challenge:

I made a small dent in my yarn, through crocheting hexagonal granny squares for a future project. Yay!

In November...

I showed you how you can turn loose mineral eyeshadow into nail polish. Magic!

I gamed. A lot. Especially this Nancy Drew game.

I shared some recipes, for the first time in a long time. Namely, a pumpkin pie smoothie and easy chicken casserole.

I premiered the Printcess Noir collection!

I flew to San Francisco with my mom, to celebrate Thanksgiving with her extended family. It was exhausting. It was loud. It was also really nice to see everybody.

I shared my blog writing process, and realized I post rather manically. Seriously, I never have blogger's writer's block. I post almost every single day. Makeup, food, product reviews, book reviews...I feel like I'm inundating you with too much but I can't stop.

In December...

I started a series of Handmade Love posts featuring themed Etsy goodies (thanks to Miss Angie for the inspiration!). I've got plans to keep it going after 1/1, but not every single week.

I swatched the Noir Collection. And I'll be doing that again when the sun comes back to the PNW, because this does not do the colors justice.

I started the process for getting more exposure for Printcess by getting my goods into subscription boxes. More on this soon!

I gave away eyeshadows in exchange for helping me figure out which collection to debut next. February is gonna be....some steamy, sweet Romance!

The holiday season wore me out, unsurprisingly. But thus far I haven't gotten sick, despite a huge amount of things on my plate.

I showed you an easy date night eyeshadow look. This one is for all the neutral eye shadow lovers out there!

Fedora and my family proved they know me very, very well, with Christmas gifts of nail goodies, jewelry, warmth, and geekery:

Phew! It's been a busy year, with a lot of changes and plans and schemes.
Fedora and I finally got to the point, financially, where we could start planning future trips.
Our landlords ended our lease terms, which forced our hand and we'll be house hunting in February (meep!).
I decided I want to pursue writing novels, again (I miss my muse), and perhaps change my career when it's financially viable.

Overall, it's nice to be able to finally address ongoing health issues in a way that gives me hope, bond with family, be more financially secure than I was at the start of the year, be actively working on Printcess in every spare moment, and feel more like the captain on my ship of destiny (and less like the cabin boy).