It's been forever and a day since I did one of these, but it's a confession kind of week.

I confess...
I've never been a Valentine's Day fan (especially not as a Hellenistic pagan, because Lupercalia, and I don't want to have kids). But Fedora has been super sweet in treating me to date nights and gaming sessions and letting me pick what show we watch on Saturday night (Doctor Who, season 2!) and now I'm getting all squishy.
I feel a bit like a traitor to my jaded former self.

I confess...
With all the plans I've made for 2015, the one thing I've totally fallen over on was writing my novel. In the interest of forcing myself to make time to write, I got this for review from Blogging for Books. It's a 5-year daily-prompt journal, just to keep those juices flowing.
Here's hoping it works!

I confess...
Wedding planning is a black hole of possibility.
It's all well and good to say "we want a relaxed, early-afternoon ceremony and party full of geeky things that are 100% us".
It's an entirely other thing to dive into sites like (which is the Pinterest of geeky bridal ideas).

I confess...
Work is giving me so much blog material. SO MUCH. And I can't write any of it, because I take the high road always, and am a professional. But man, there's a lot of ripe comedy I'm choosing to overlook for the sake of being a good person.
Here's some vague gifs about it:

I confess...
Thank goodness it's Mug o' Comfort swap time, so I can get my swap on. AND now that I'm drinking things other than herbal tea, it feels like a nice little welcome home party for my mouth.