Exfolimate Product Review

So you know how the ancient Romans used to bath by sweating, oiling up, then using a strigil to scrape off the dead skin? And how this exfoliated and opened up pores, resulting in glowing, healthy skin? I always thought that was a good idea (and one that saves water). And hey! I got a chance to try the modern version of a strigil, the Exfolimate.

Except that Exfolimate does double duty- after your skin is softened from being in the bath or shower, you scrape it over your skin at a 90 degree angle (with not too much pressure) to exfoliate dead skin. But while shaving, you can also use it to hold skin taut and lift the hairs, for a closer shave.

It can be used daily, and there's a larger one for the body and a smaller one for the face. I admit, it took some chutzpah for me to use the face one, as I always worry about over-exfoliating my face.

I needn't have worried- after I got used to the amount of pressure I needed to apply (which was less than I thought it would be) there was zero scraping or irritation. The only place I felt it was my legs, which felt like they do after I shave. It's too early to say whether this makes my skin glow, but so far it's a great alternative to using a loofah (which can trap bacteria) and soap (which dries my skin out).

*I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for an honest review.

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