Eye of the Week: Outlander

I just released the Printcess Romance Collection and I am in love with these colors.
All of them.
But in honor of Valentine's Day this weekend, I'm rocking the pinks in the collection. 

Please forgive the multiple shots- finding the right lighting on rainy Seattle days, pre-sunrise, in an old yellow-lit house is....well, impossible. This is the best I can do.

That's Swoon on my inner lid and crease, Snappy Banter on the outer 2/3 of my lid and blended into the crease, and Mirror Mirror (from the Fairytale Collection) as a liner.

Both Swoon and Snappy Banter are layered lightly here. You can go heavier, for a darker look (especially for Snappy Banter) if you want something more eye-catching. Not seen, due to crappy indoor lighting, is the metallic sheen these shades have, which gives a lovely flash.

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