Sun Si'belle Tinted Sunscreen Review

I recently had the chance to review Sun Si'belle Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen (thanks to receiving it in exchange for a review, via Tomoson). You might laugh at the concept of wearing sunscreen in rainy Seattle in winter, but the truth is that UVA and UVB rays are damaging your skin regardless of what the weather looks like.

This tinted sunscreen is clearly for the face and neck, and it feels just as effective (and with similar light coverage) as several BB and CC creams that I've tried. It's a mineral-based protection, and the first thing that I noticed was that there was no chemical sunscreen smell. It smelled very herby, like aloe, which I prefer over the usual chalky smell of sunscreen.

(before, in bad lighting)

(after, in bad lighting)
Speaking of chalky, it also didn't leave that white residue that sunscreen typically leaves. If for no other reason, this is the best reason to use tinted sunscreen on your face.

But to be honest, one of my favorite aspects of this product was how light and airy it was. It's the consistency of a mousse, and felt like air applying. It moisturizes (it has sea kelp, CoQ10, etc.) and didn't sink into my skin and leave it dry at all (which most sunscreens and several BB creams do). It did have a slight sheen to it, which gave my skin a glowing appearance, but wasn't oily or greasy in the least.

Overall, I definitely recommend this tinted sunscreen. It's got a bunch of organic ingredients, and is all natural, but aside from being healthy for your skin and providing excellent protection (broad spectrum and a high enough SPF to keep wrinkles at bay), it's an excellent alternative to heavy foundation. I actually wish I'd had something like this as a teenager (when I never wore foundation, but also avoided sunscreen on my face because it'd make me break out). It would have been an excellent way to feel beautiful AND protect my skin.

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