Tightlining with Printcess Eyeshadows

One of the reasons I call Printcess "mineral makeup" instead of just "eye shadow" is because you can do a LOT with these loose powders.

I'm posting a series of tutorials on ways you can use a pot of Printcess color to sub for things other than eye shadow. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, in the comments below!

In this post: TIGHTLINING!

What the heck is tightlining? It's using (or in this case, creating) a gel eyeliner on the inside base of your upper and lower eyelashes. 
It's a thing, because it's a more dramatic, full-coverage way of lining.
BUT you should never use straight powder for this, as it will get into your eyes.

Don't worry- this is easy to make and easy to use! I'm showing you with Trigger, a matte grey, but for best results use a nice matte black like Railway.

*Don't do this with shimmer colors. The shimmer won't show up because those areas are naturally shadowed, and the mica may get into your eyes.

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