Book Review: Against the Grain

You guys.
This is my new all-time favorite cookbook.
I didn't expect a whole lot when I selected it from BloggingForBooks, to review.
Boy was I surprised!

It has a section of the "why" on gluten-free options, and a variety of recipes (both sweet and savory) for gluten-free everything, from pizza to sandwiches to cakes.

(I flagged only the recipes I REALLY wanted to try making)

(I love the combo of scientific info and practical advice)

(A description of the strengths and definitions of each type of GF flour!)

(as well as nontraditional awesome-looking recipes...)

(did you know you can make a GF sourdough?!?!)

(NOW I get why GF mixes are multiple flours...I love understanding why things are crucial to a recipe, or not)

I am seriously in love with this book. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to go gluten-free, or just expand your gluten-free options. Or even just expand your healthy options, as a lot of the recipes were healthy takes on standby favorites.

And did I mention the explanations of science behind the flour choices? I feel like I finally have the freedom (and knowledge) to buy non-wheat flours with confidence.

I'm set on baking about 80% of the recipes now...and I can't wait to share them with you!

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