Handmade Love: Bigger on the Inside

It's no secret that I'm a Doctor Who fan (I prefer the term Wholigan), and recently I've gotten Fedora into it as well. We started watching from the Tom Baker years, so we're only on Season 2 of the continuation right now (no spoilers, please! I'm a full season behind at this point, and Fedora isn't as into the series as I am). 
One thing I love about this fandom is how large and creative the community is. Case in point: 

1. Touch the Sky...and then the Stars print by Karen Hallion

2. Companions Tinted Lip Balm Gift Set by Bubble and Geek

3. Time Lord cufflinks by timemonogram

4. Organic TARDIS Soap by Ellison's Organics

5. Doctor Who Vinyl Record Clock by The Vinyl Eaters

6. We're All Stories in the End necklace by Riverwalk Designs

7. Captain Jack's Original Hypervodka poster by Megan Lara Art

8. Doctor Who Mug by Lenny Mud

9. Gold Seal of Rassilon Ring by A Little Geeky

Are you a Wholigan, too?

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