Mug o' Comfort Swapness

I keep wanting to refer to mugs as muggles. I'm clearly too engrossed in Harry Potter right now. On to the Mug o' Comfort swap recap!

My partner for this swap was SinN of Everyone loves a SinNer (who runs that blog with her mom, which is awesome!). She's an avid reader and fellow tea fan- I couldn't resist heaping English and Irish teas on her (her favorite). And check out the generous awesomeness that she got me:
I love this box! It will definitely be used for other things...


Herbal tea, black tea, cider, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, 2 mugs (1 was busted by USPS on the way over)

PLUS more chocolates, another cute box, more black tea (flavored), lip balm.

ERMAGERD! Celestial Seasonings makes tea-influenced lip balm!

PLUS more chocolates (!!!), a cute notepad and pen set, a cookie...

An awesome teal travel mug with a great reminder...

A dark teal vase and juicy candle!

I was totally spoiled.
Thanks, SinN!

Did you miss this swap? Miss Angie and I host a different themed one every month at Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

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