On House Hunting

For those of you who have navigated the sticky waters of house hunting, I commend you. With a bad metaphor.

We haven't even gotten to the point of making an offer, getting an inspection, etc. and I'm already struggling. 

On the one hand: Organization! Lists! Maps!
On the other hand: Lower your expectations!
It's like the worst bits of dating- I have a very reasonable, short list of must-haves and would-like-to-haves. And yet out of the hundreds of profiles I've seen (online) and in-person looks I've taken, nothing even matches the must-have list.

Of course, if this were dating, I'd just have to give up on the idea of home ownership completely and the perfect one would fall into my lap (but not literally, because ouch).

But alas, we're at T-minus 12 weeks to eviction (lease ending, owners selling), which is actually T-minus 5 weeks if you wanted to include time to close with paperwork, and have 2 weeks to move everything.

In further "maybe I'm looking in the wrong country" news, I could buy an island in Ireland AND build my own dream house for less than it costs to buy a non-fixer-upper in the Greater Seattle area.
(this is 140,000 British pounds, which is roughly equivalent to $213,308 US dollars)

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