Printcess Eyeshadow for your Eyebrows

One of the reasons I call Printcess "mineral makeup" instead of just "eye shadow" is because you can do a LOT with these loose powders.

I'm posting a series of tutorials on ways you can use a pot of Printcess color to sub for things other than eye shadow. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, in the comments below!

Today's tip: EYEBROWS

It's no secret that having fuller-looking eyebrows makes you look youthful and healthy. However, if eyebrow pencils leave you frustrated (or irritate your skin), here's a quick and easy way to use matte mineral eyeshadow instead!

Notes on picking the right shade: Go for as close a match to your natural hair color as possible (when in doubt, one shade warmer and one shade darker is fine...but only one!). I chose Plot, which is a shade warmer and lighter than my eyebrow color, but close enough to my natural hair color that it worked.

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