Travel Mug Set Review

I received this set of two 16-oz. double-wall, BPA-free, insulated travel mugs for review in exchange for my honest opinion. Which is great, because I used travel mugs at work to keep my beverages hot (I'm a slow drinker).

What can I tell you about these great travel mugs? 

They're double-wall insulated, so they hold both hot (matchaccino) and cold (iced cold brew coffee) drinks at temperature for 4+ hours (sorry, I drank it all after 4 hours).

They have a cool lion rampant design.

The handle has a nice grip (good for when my hands are cold).

The top 'locks' in place, so even when my mug was knocked nearly sideways during my commute, not a drop spilled.

There's a ventilation hole that 'locks' as well, which means the liquid pours naturally (I don't have to be content with just a dribble).

There's drainage in the base, in case any liquid gets down in there (hasn't happened yet).

The rim is thick for the screw-down lid.
Here's one of my two (minor) complaints- I could not get this thing totally dry after washing.
The small amount of water in the bottom of the cup ran down the sides into this rim when turned upside down to drain.

They get fingerprints rather easily, but who cares? The textured handle is nifty. 

My second minor complaint is that it took 3 washings before the plastic & rubber smell came off the lid. Drinking anything while smelling that is just nasty, and I was surprised it took so long to go away.

Overall, these mugs were great at insulating beverages, didn't leak, have been reliable and held together despite using one for several weeks now, every day. I assume they're dishwasher safe (we hand wash dishes) and the tightly-screwing lid seems leakproof.
I'll definitely be using this until I destroy it.