True Skin Care Under Eye Gel Review

I have problematic under eye skin (with my allergies, I'm always rubbing that area so it needs good moisturizing; I have bumpy pores that look like chicken skin in that area; my coloring and constant allergy-inflammation there creates huge dark bags; I have color/age spots in that area), so I'm always up for trying (and reviewing) sensitive-skin-friendly under eye gel.

True Skin Care offers several under eye gels, but since those fine lines and wrinkles worry me the most, I'm reviewing their anti-aging gel. 

Hyaluronic Acid is the primary ingredient (it occurs naturally in the body, especially in joints, and eye fluids). It's a moisturizing lubricant that may speed up healing of injured areas (the jury is still out on this claim). Peptides, cucumber and Aloe are also in there to moisturize. Green tea, vitamin C, eyebright and licorice fight the dark spots and any flakiness, to bring that plump, radiant glow in.

You pump a little bit on your ring finger (which is the weakest one) and massage it into your eye area (under the eye and on the outside). The gel was thin in consistency, and absorbed easily as I smoothed it around. There was no stickiness (unlike other gels I've tried) and no irritation.

But does it work?

Day 1, after applying the gel.

Day 22, before applying the gel.

In using it daily (after cleaning my face, before bed) for 22 days straight, I noticed that while my under eye "allergy" bags remained, the bumpiness of the skin under my eyes was reduced, and the shadows of darkness under my eyes were noticeably lighter (which definitely makes my eyes look larger and make me look healthier).

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review, which this is. 

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