Books 'n' Bloggers Swap Recap!

It's BnB Swap Recap time!
Did you participate? Did your partner totally spoil you?
Mine did.

I was partnered with Ashley of Entirely Ashley who, in addition to having fantastic bookish taste and being a fellow Wholigan and HP-fan, is super generous and a total sweetheart.

(My aside: I know getting partnered with one of the swap hosts adds pressure. It shouldn't, in a fair world, but it does.)

So I was all "no pressure, for serious!" and then I couldn't not send her a bunch of stuff because SHE'S TOO AWESOME.

And then her box arrived and my Monday was instantly improved by a factor of 1000000%
(adorably wrapped in green twine and look at all the goodies!)

(The non-book things. Awesome all-natural hair moisturizer, which I desperately need; two happy-smelling candles; a TARDIS-esque nail polish that you can't even see how awesome it is but it's blurple and awesome; Vanilla Chai tea; a handmade bookmark, which Wholigans will understand made me cackle with glee; a Sherlock Holmes notepad (*le sigh* Where is the next season of Sherlock? I have needs!); a "You never forget your first doctor" button; and a hollow book that's covered with London/British awesomeness, which I had to hide from Fedora who loves hollow books.)


(Oh and then there's the books! ALSO SPOILED ROTTEN)

A book she loved: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Which I have read also loved (see? Told you she had good taste!).
A book from my wishlist: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, in prep for this year's Austen in August.
Book she hasn't read but thinks I'll enjoy: The Name of the Wind and Dragonhaven, because the awesome continues. 

Thank you so, so much, Ashley! I love everything in that box, all the way down to the twine. I can't wait to devour it all. 
(Some of it will be going on the walls of our possible new house, too!)