Double Wall French Press Review

Remember my review of those double-wall travel mugs? The same company makes a double-walled insulated french press!

(Pretty handle! Very Downton Abbey)

It's dishwasher safe (wish we had a dishwasher to test this out!), holds 34 fl. oz. (enough for large cups of coffee for two, or small for four), and has a double wall to keep the coffee hot after making it.

Even the lid is double walled.

Makes it very easy to hand wash, with no chance of cracking the base or damaging it, unlike the glass and plastic ones we've used in the past.

Easy pour spout- no drips!

The one downside we've found, after using it daily for two weeks, is that there's a gap between the lid and the bottom of the pour spout, so heat can escape.

Fedora says it's imparting a funky taste to the coffee, but I don't taste that at all. So maybe more sensitive palettes would pick up on a slight metallic tang?

Overall, I'd recommend this french press for all your coffee-making needs. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and robust. It does keep things hotter than in a plastic or glass french press, but if the gap flaw wrecks it for you, you can always filter it into a thermos.
Plus, it's pretty.

Wanna see how we brew French Press (including our double-filter method)?
*I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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