Enlightened Ambience Scented Candle Review

I recently had the chance to review the Enjoy Life candle from Enlightened Ambience (which I received in exchange for my honest review).

Enlightened Ambience is a US-made candle company. A portion of every sale goes to help disabled children through E.D.D., and they have a 100% money-back guarantee.

I'm a fan of candles. Fedora and I have several, which we like to arrange and light on warm summer nights.
I'm sensitive to smells, so not just any candle will do.

I love the packaging! A very simple, but remarkably sturdy, Kraft paper box with the candle theme sticker on the outside.

It burns cleanly and without smoke, releasing a delicate scent as it goes.
It's supposed to have a 20-30 hour burn time (it'll take us over a year to get through this one, I think).

When I first opened the package, the smell was strong and I was worried.
But after a few moments, it mellowed out and even after burning the candle for 3 hours in the closed room, it didn't oversaturate with scent.

This scent is described as:
"a stimulating blend of crisp, cool aromatic bouquet and a variety of uplifting notes that include herbal green tea with faint back notes of clean, fresh citrus"

And that's fairly accurate. It does have a clean green scent, more like tea leaves than grass. And subtle citrus. I'd describe it as a very clean, calming fragrance. The floral isn't strong and complements the green scent well.

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