Hot Sox Product Review

When offered to let me review one of their fun fashion socks here, I jumped at it. I'm a huge fan of colorful, fun socks (they make a great conversation starter), and always have been.

I requested the Mona Lisa or Birth of Venus designs, but I received the Dream Rousseau design. I reached out to them about this, and never heard anything back. Strike one for SoxMax.

When they arrived, the socks were a nice quality. Thick enough that my toenails aren't going to burst through in a week, without being so heavy my feet sweat in the. Score one for SoxMax.

Unfortunately, the design portion (although reinforced for durability) was constrictive and didn't have any stretch in it, which resulted in an uncomfortable cuff around my calf, even though the rest of it was comfortably stretchy. Strike two for SoxMax.

Overall, I think one of the full-sock designs would be more comfortable. I'm wary of recommending them, because their customer service is lacking and their product (although pretty, and detailed) lacks some elements of comfort I require in socks.

* I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.

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