VIIcode Eye Mask for Dark Circles Product Review

Have you heard of eye masks? I've tried plenty of face masks (and even hair masks) but never one specifically for eyes. 

VIIcode oxygen eye mask claims to brighten and hydrate that delicate under-eye skin.
Each box comes with 6 sets of under-eye pads. Since they recommend using these two to three times per week, that's two to three weeks of treatment per box.

The directions are a bit vague, in the "this must have been translated from another language" way. But each pad is a cooling gel against this white fabric backing, with this clear film over it. You peel the film off and smoosh the pad against your under-eye.

Seriously, trying to get the pad as close to your eye as possible (as it shows in the directions) is both difficult and awkward. It's wide enough that it covered my entire problem area (yay!) but the upper edge of the pad was uncomfortable as it creased against my lower lid (boo!).

See the difference?

I admit, there's very little. And I apologize for the slightly off-focus on the After photo. 
But after poking and prodding and desperately hoping this product would fix my under-eye circles, what it did was make my bumpy pores slightly smaller.

That's not nothing, but it's far less than I was hoping for, especially because these are uncomfortable to use (and this photo above was after the second use, of 6 hours each time).

Maybe the results don't show up until after you've used all 6 pads. 
Maybe the instructions are missing some vital component that would showcase results.
I can tell you my skin feels softer after wearing them for 6 hours, but it doesn't look much different in any respect. And wearing them was consistently uncomfortable, as the pad dug into the lower lid area.

*I received this product from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review.

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